About product

  1. EACH PRODUCT CONTAINS: 3.5 Oz (100g) of Ohoo! dried jackfruit chips.
  2. HEALTHY CHIPS: Low calorie snacks, high fiber and calcium, no cholesterol, no trans fat. ISO 22000:2018, and BRC Packaging Certified.
  3. FROM LANDS TO YOUR TABLE: Ohoo! dried fruit snacks individual packs are processed from fresh fruit that is grown with love and care. Also, we scientifically monitor each step in the production to ensure you have a not only delicious but also safe dehydrated food.
  4. SUITABLE FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: Every nutritious jackfruit chip of Ohoo! will surely awaken your taste buds, making you remember Ohoo! whenever you want a tasty snack pack. Serve your friends with this naturally sweet, crunchy, and healthy food, it would be a fun time with them.
  5. MULTIPLE COMBINATIONS: Could be used with Greek yogurt, salad, cereal, bakery, breakfast, lunch, quick meals, snacking.
  • All inputs and outputs are well-selected
  • Food hygiene and safety are important
  • All nutrients are naturally preserved

Ohoo! jackfruit chips is a vegan snack with all ingredients natural, free of sugar, additives, cholesterol, trans fat and gluten.

With Ohoo!, you’d be able to experience the same enjoyments that you have with other snacks while still staying active and funny. Applying modern technology allows Ohoo! to keep all nutrients and flavors of natural fruits.

So crunchy, so yummy, and so natural are what you’d receive from tasting Ohoo!. Especially, Ohoo! only serves you WHOLE PIECES, not broken.

Good Fruit Snacks For Your Good Day!!!

  • Naturally Sweet
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Naturally Delicious

What make Ohoo! different?